A good host of premium events all over the world
I have hosted over 3000 events since 2006
Comedy Club Region and another TV and radio projects
Official host of FIFA World Cup 2018
4th in the rating "Top 100 best Host of Russia"

Dmitry Sahno
I love my job!
The best host of 2022 according to the BREWAL Awards
Always up-to-date employment calendar
I will host it with my heart and soul
About me


  • I host your event so well that I would like to be a guest on it myself!
  • I find an individual approach to each person.
  • I never impose my point of view and I just share my experience and give the best advice.
  • If a one word, Dmitry Sakhno is a good host.

✈️I love traveling. Visited 59 countries. My TOP is Norway, Iceland and New Zealand. I have never seen anything more beautiful than the nature of these countries on Earth. Once I drove my car from Moscow to the westernmost point of Eurasia - Cape Rock. I plan to stop only when I erase all the countries of the world on the scratch card that my friends presented me.

⚽️ I love football and have been playing it since I was a child! Unprofessional! But with all my heart and soul! Created the FOOTBALL EVENT LEAGUE, in which more than 200 guys from the event industry play!

IRONMAN. In 2021, I made my first "iron" distance in Florida. Every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 I swim, every Wednesday and Saturday I ride a bike , and Thursday and Sunday I run along the ocean

⛵️ Once I got to the regatta as a entertainer, I got so carried away that now I myself a skipper with the license of International Yachting Training! So if you are tired of the city, the hustle and bustle, civilization - let's take a boat and go sailing to meet the dawn with a glass of Prosecco Doc, inhaling the salty breeze of the Mediterranean Sea...

⛷ On my 25th birthday, my friends presented me a snowboard, I had to learn to ride) I devoted 6 seasons to snowboarding, 7 to downhill skiing... You'll ask me, "Who's cooler? Skier or snowboarder?" I will answer: "Everyone is equal in the mountains." I will put on my feet what is in the mood today, I will turn on the full early Offspring and Limp Bizkit and go down the slope!

☄️ Summer? The sun? The heat? Then you can find me on the beach at one of the beach volleyball courts! I play with my hands worse than with my feet, but when hot sand, sparkling waves and icy cocktails are around, it becomes less important...

⌚️ I love watches. And if it's a watch, it's only Swiss. In my modest collection Maurice Lacroix, Longines, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin. Absolutely different in style and mood. Like me ) Always different, but pedantic and punctual, accurate in the details. And the motto of the Vacheron Constantin manufactory has long been my guide in life: "Faire mieux si possible, ce qui est toujours possible” (Always do better if possible, and that is always possible).

⭐I love cars. And if cars, then only BMW. The world of cars for me is divided into two parts: handsome men with a propeller on the hood and everything else.

✨I love wine. And if it's wine, then only dry. White from Italy, Portugal and New Zealand. Red from France, Argentina and Georgia.

❤️ The best wedding in my life is ours with my wife. 3 fantastic days in Georgia: a golf tournament at a bachelor party, painting with bottles of Rosé and Jamiroquai at a bachelorette party, zip-line flights over the Alazani Valley, Sighnaghi city of love, picking young grapes with your own hands, liters of dry red from Kvevri... If you don't know how to occupy the evening, then just ask me: "What was your wedding like, Dim!?"